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2000W (9KV) Automatic Matching Network


2000W (9KV) Automatic Matching Network

SEM/TEM sample prep Vac Techniche

2000w (9KV) Automatic Matching Network for RF plasma control changes the RF Generated impedance of the plasma chamber to 50 ohms to reach the maximum power from the generator to the chamber. The Vac Techniche automatic matching networks perform their operation in three independent modes.

The automatic mode continuously compensates for the impedance variation of the plasma enclosure. The manual mode allows the operator to change the matching capacitance values during the process.
In the preset mode, the operator can automatically adjust the capacitance values close to the complete matching condition at the outset so that the matching is performed faster.
The various parameters can be adjusted, and their performance is observed via the front panel of the controller system and the VGA connections. Some of the special applications of this device are plasma production for various uses, such as the different stages of deposition (cleaning, etching, sputtering, etc.), as well as the fabrication of microelectronics components in the nanotechnology field.

Categories: SEM/TEM sample prep, Desktop Coaters

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