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RF Plasma Generators 300W

RF Generators

For 2″ Magnetron Sputtering and Plasma generation

RF Generators for Sputtering and Plasma generators manufactured by Vac Techniche Ltd are reliable devices for industrial and laboratory deposition, plasma generation, and even dielectric heating and melting. This device is also one of the most important components of semiconductor manufacturing systems, used for producing integrated circuits (ICs) and chips present in modern computers and electronic equipment. The Vac Techniche RF generator along with its impedance matching network constitute a complete RF plasma generation assembly. The RF generator is designed and built with 27.12 MHz, 13.56 MHz, 2 MHz or other frequency bands according to the customer .

Why 13.56 MHz?

This frequency is one of the most commonly used in the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio bands. This band allows for high-power activities without causing any disturbance in the surrounding telecommunications systems since it is for general use. Generators with powers ranging from a few milliwatts to several hundred kilowatts are used in this band.

Design in conjunction with Vac Techniche Matching network 

300W RF Generators and Plasma generation
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