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At VacTechniche, we are proud to collaborate with a network of reliable and dedicated distributors who play a crucial role in bringing our products/services to customers around the world. These strategic partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, efficiency, and a shared commitment to delivering quality solutions.

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Inspects NanoSpace

laboratory equipment of Lab Techniche, a sister company to VacTechniche, has been formed by Ray Whitehouse as a result of customer requests for new and competitive products for industry and research laboratories.


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NANOVAK R&D AŞ is located in Hacettepe University Technopark. It develops vacuum and thin film preparation systems by conducting R&D studies. He works on the construction of vacuum boilers and systems, and the production of these systems in the form of thin film preparation benches equipped with thermal evaporation, detachment and electron gun parts.


Inspects NanoSpace

Brisk combines advanced technology with intuitive operation, allowing you to visualize and manipulate materials at the atomic level. With its high-resolution imaging and exceptional sensitivity, you can study the surface topography, measure forces, and analyze the properties of various samples.

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