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DCT-Desktop Carbon Coater

Desktop SEM/TEM System

SEM/TEM sample prep Vac Techniche

This high vacuum SEM coater offers high quality uniform films with fine grain sizes which are suitable for specimens that require high resolution and high quality characterization such as FE-SEM, EDS/WDS, TEM, and EBSD. The DSCT with a 2” magnetron cathode, 80 W switching DC power supply and high current power supply for carbon evaporation, could be used for research and different thin film applications.

This device is available in two formats:

DCR is a rotary-pumped carbon coater that is suitable for SEM sample preparation, EDS/WDS and thin film applications.
DCT is a turbo-pumped carbon coater  that is ideal for FE-SEM, EDS/WDS, TEM, EBSD and thin film applications.
This high vacuum coater ofers high quality uniform carbon films with fine grain sizes which are suitable for specimens that require high resolution and high quality characterization. Available in Carbon Fibre and/or Carbon Rod
DCT-Desktop Carbon Coater

Touch Screen Control

DCT-Desktop Carbon Coater
with 7-inch color touchscreen and full automatic control and data input allows even inexperienced users to operate the system.
Vacuum, current, and deposition information are displayed as digital data or curves on the touchscreen. The system also saves information on the last 300 coatings in a history page.

Sample Holders

DCT-Desktop Carbon Coater/
The turbo-pumped carbon coater offers versatile sample stage configurations to accommodate various user needs. The sample stages are designed for easy rotation, adjustable height, and quick interchangeability. For uniform coating of porous specimens, you can opt for the rotary planetary sample stage as an additional feature.

DCR Evaporation
Pulsed Carbon Fiber

The desk vacuum carbon coater is capable of conducting pulsed carbon fiber evaporation. Employing short pulses allows for precise deposition control, leading to a substantial reduction in the generation of debris typically associated with conventional carbon deposition methods.

Carbon Rod Evaporation

The Desk high vacuum carbon coater offers the option of equipping it with a carbon rod head. In such instances, it is advisable to use an external high current power supply with a range of 0-100A, as opposed to relying on the internal high current power supply, which is specifically designed for carbon fiber evaporation. This flexibility in power supply selection enhances the coater's versatility for different coating techniques.

Sample Holder of Vacuum Carbon Coater

A new 4-inch roating sample holder is designed for the system to increase the deposition area and the number of coating stubs in arun (customizable for max. 50*1mm stubs)

Sample Holder of Vacuum Carbon Coater

The turbo-pumped carbon coater can be equipped with different sample stage configurations depending on the user requirements. The sample stages are rotatable with adjustable height and easy to change. The rotary planetary sample stage is a good choice for uniform coating of porous specimens (optional).

DCT-Desktop Carbon Coater
More Details

  • High vacuum turbomolecular pump 90 l/s (Leybold)
  • Two stage rotary vane pump as a backing pump
  • Full range vacuum gauge
  • Carbon fiber evaporation head
  • Pulsed or flash carbon fiber coating modes
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitor with precision of 1nm and resolution of 1 Å
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
  • User friendly software that can be updated via network
  • Controls coating rate to achieve finer grain structures
  • Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness 
  • Plasma Cleaning
  • Able to record and plot coating parameters graphs
  • Equipped with electronic shutter
  • Easy-to-change specimen stages (rotation stage as standard)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Vac coat Products are covered worldwide by both public and product Liability Insurance in case any property damage or personal injury happens caused by the Vac Coat systems.
  • Ultimate Vacuum: Less than 1 x10-5 torr
  • Controls the rate of evaporation to achieve finer grain structure
  • Precision Mass Flow meter (MFC) for fine control of the vacuum pressure
  • Able to record and plot coating parameter graphs
  • Transfers curves and deposition process data by USB port to PC
  • Utilities: 220V-240V, 50/60HZ, 16A
  • Shipping Weight: 42kg
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
  • User friendly software, updatable via network
  • Semi-Full automatic coating process (optional)
  • Repeatable, programmable coating process in the automatic mode
  • Pulsed or flash carbon fiber coating modes
  • Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness deposition
  • Records and plots coating parameters graphs
  • Storing coating recipes for repeatable depositions
The DCT has the following options and accessories:
  • Carbon rod evaporation head
  • High current power supply for carbon rod option
  • Quartz crystal sensor
  • Planetary sample rotation
  • Spare glass chamber
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Sealing gaskets

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