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The Vac Techniche Desktop Sputter Coater enables thin film sputter coating of noble metals: gold (Au), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt) and gold/palladium (Au/Pd) on non-conductive or poorly conductive samples or devices.

Sample preparation using sputter coating is the recognized method for non-conductive and low conductive specimens or samples.

DTE is equipped with a high current power supply and low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation platform suitable for a wide variety of thermal evaporation applications.

Desktop Sputter Coater

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Desktop Sputter Coater | DSR1

VacTechniche DSR1 has been developed to exceed the requirements for SEM/TEM sample preparation. The compact and easy to use sputter coater, has the option of using existing pumps or supplied with a pump. For external pumping the on board computer controls the pump or pumping rig.

The Desk Magnetron Sputter Coater (DSR1) is a highly productive tool known for delivering consistent and highly repeatable results within a fully automated system. Its ergonomic design and small footprint make the DSR1 SEM coating system easy to use.

The DSR1-170 is set up as a sputter coater specifically designed for preparing samples for scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

The DSR1, equipped with a 2-inch magnetron cathode and an 80W switching DC power supply, is versatile for various research and thin-film applications. Additionally, it can be outfitted with a water-cooled cathode, making it suitable for extended deposition processes. This model accommodates substrates of up to 4 inches in size.

Touch Screen Control

The DSR1 desk sputter coater features a 7-inch color touch screen and fully automated control software. It displays vacuum and coating data digitally or as curves. The history of the last 300 coatings is stored and can be transferred to a PC via a USB port.

Sample Holders

The DSR1 offers various sample stage configurations to suit different user needs. The standard sample stage is rotatable with adjustable height and angle, making it easy to change. Additionally, there's the option for a rotary planetary sample stage, which is ideal for achieving uniform coating on porous specimens.

Newly Designed Sample Holder

A new 4-inch rotating sample holder is designed for the system to increase the deposition area and the number of coating stubs in a run (Customizable for max. 50×1 mm stubs).

For sputtering of oxidizing metals, please see the DST1-300 
(Turbo-pumped Desk Sputter Coater)

More Details

Desktop Sputter Coater | DSR1

  • Two stage Rotary pump option
  • 2″ sputter head
  • Carbon Fibre Head upgrade option
  • Carbon Rod head upgrade option
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitor.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Rapid data input.
  • User friendly software.
  • Accurate Control of coating rate.
  • Manual Control option for Time and Thickness sputtering.
  • Manual settings, Time, Thickness and sputtering power.
  • Automatic Timed and Thickness sputtering.
  • Rotation stage as standard.
  • Two-year warranty
  • CE conformity
  • SEM and TEM sample preparation.
  • Thin Film deposition coating.
  • Metal Sputter Deposition.
  • Optical coatings.
  • Sample Sputter Coating.
  • Nobel metal sputtering.
  • Multi sample coating.
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
  • User friendly software, updatable via network
  • Controls coating rate to achieve finer grain structures
  • Semi-full automatic coating process (Optional)
  • Repeatable and programmable sputtering process in the automatic mode
  • Manual or automatic timed and thickness deposition
  • Able to record and plot coating parameters graphs
  • Storing coating recipes for repeatable depositions
  • Capable of depositing noble metals
  • Capable of performing GLAD Sputtering
  • 170 mm outer diameter by 140 mm height Pyrex cylinder chamber
  • Dimensions: 45 cm height x 46 cm width x 37 cm depth
  • High precision thickness monitor
  • Ultimate vacuum: Less than 40 mTorr
  • Electronic leak valve for Argon gas
  • Automatic temperature control of the cathode to prolong magnet lifetime
  • Efficient data input via fully automatic touch screen panel
  • Records and plots coating parameters
  • Built-in USB port for transferring curves and deposition data to PC
  • Power supply: 220V-110V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 kW
  • 80 Watt DC switching power supply
  • Shipping weight (including vacuum pump): 42 kg
The DSR1  has the flowing options and accessories:
  • Carbon Rod evaporation upgrade option
  • Carbon Fibre evaporation upgrade
  • Quartz crystal
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Planetary Sample rotation
  • Spare glass
  • Sputtering targets

DSR1 the Thin Film Suitable

The thin film created is ideal for analysis with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The Desk Magnetron Coater stands out as a high-productivity instrument, consistently producing reliable and repeatable results within its fully automated system. With its ergonomic design and compact footprint, the SEM coating system ensures user-friendliness and ease of operation.

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Specialising in materials deposition, Vac Techniche has developed working relationships with key Universities and researchers facilities world wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop Sputter Coater | DSR1

The DSR1-Desktop Sputter Coater is a compact and versatile instrument used for thin film deposition in various applications such as electron microscopy, surface analysis, and material science. It employs sputtering technology to deposit thin layers of materials onto substrates with precision and uniformity.
The DSR1-Desktop Sputter Coater is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including glass, silicon, ceramics, metals, and polymers. Its versatile design allows for the deposition of thin films on both conductive and non-conductive substrates, making it suitable for diverse research and industrial applications.
The DSR1-Desktop Sputter Coater supports the sputtering of various materials, including metals (such as gold, silver, platinum, and aluminum), oxides, nitrides, and semiconductors. Users can select the desired target material based on their specific application requirements and experiment parameters.
The DSR1-Desktop Sputter Coater supports the sputtering of various materials, including metals (such as gold, silver, platinum, and aluminum), oxides, nitrides, and semiconductors. Users can select the desired target material based on their specific application requirements and experiment parameters.
The DSR1-Desktop Sputter Coater is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive controls, a user-friendly interface, and easy-to-follow operation procedures. It requires minimal training for users to operate effectively, making it suitable for both novice and experienced researchers alike. Additionally, it offers advanced features such as automatic process control and programmable deposition recipes to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.

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When it comes to high-quality coating solutions, our Desktop Sputter Coater stands out as a top choice for many professionals. This device is part of our broader range of Desktop Coaters, designed to meet various needs in the field of material science.
Our Desktop Sputter Coater utilizes the process of sputter coating, a technique widely used in various industries for its ability to create thin films with excellent uniformity and adhesion. This makes it an ideal choice for applications in SEM and TEM.
For those seeking a more advanced solution, we offer the Turbo Pumped Desk Sputter Carbon Coater. This device combines the benefits of sputter coating with the added functionality of carbon coating, making it a versatile choice for many applications.
We also have the DST1-170 Turbo Pumped Desktop Sputter Coating System, a high-performance coater that offers turbo-pumped sputter coating for the most demanding tasks.
Lastly, for those specifically interested in carbon coating, we offer the Desktop Carbon Coating System. This compact device is designed to provide high-quality carbon coating, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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