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Anti-bacterial, pollution protection (2.5ppm), pollen protection and water repelling.

Washable 10 times

Probably the most comfortable mask you can wear, even for glass wearers like myself, doe not make you hot wearing these due to the Nanofibre material, allows airflow to pass in and out, but keeps out moisture droplets large and small. These masks are used as anti-viral masks in Pakistan Hospitals, due to the unique water repelling properties.
The  mask consists of nonwoven skincare fabric, nano-fibre membrane, nonwoven fabric, and anti-splash coating.
  1. The NanoCLO benefits :
  2. Surgical mask comparison
  3. Easily worn, soft and comfortable,
  4. light weight
  5. Adjustable nose bridge
  6. Adjustable soft elastic ear straps
  7. Long usage
  8. domestic washing machine safe.
  9. 10 times washable without losing properties.
  10. Protection from airborne particles
  11. Anti-splashing
  12. Nano Fibre factorisation
  13. Prevents potential viral transmission via droplets.
  14. 95%+filter performance
  15. Three layer protection for your comfort and assurance
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Amazing water repelling properties