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Fused Silica UHV Viewports With Broadband

Anti-Reflective Coatings

VacTechniche fused silica viewports are offered with a four-layer broadband anti-reflective (BBAR) coating on both sides of the window optimised to a customer specified laser wavelength range. In many cases, the coating reduces reflection to below 0.5% per face or 1% total at the key wavelengths specified.


Please advise the important wavelengths or wavelength range with your enquiry or order. Wavelength ranges between 240 nm and 1550 nm can be accepted as standard, although coatings for other wavelength ranges can be quoted on request. Viewports with ‘V’ coatings for a single wavelength for laser applications are also offered. The viewports comprise a high purity laser quality fused silica optic with precise flatness, parallelism, scratch and dig specifications.
UHV laser viewports

Anti-Reflective Coatings