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Pyrex and Silica glassware

Vac Techniche's founder began his career as a scientific glassblower, working at a MOD research centre in the UK, having an interest in with bespoke scientific glassware.

Having the ability to understand the application proves to be an essential part in the design of specialist glassware.

The art of glassware manufacture can be very complicated, but with an in depth knowledge of the required process step, ensures that VacTechniche proves not only the required product, but ensures that it is made to last.

We work with both Pyrex and silica glass, each type has it's own advantages and disadvantages, with our help, you will received the best product.


Standard laboratory glass equipment is also provided, although mainly via more often glassware is used inside the vacuum chamber due to the low outgassing properties.

Silica glass is used for the support of Silicon wafers due to the high temperate it can withstand.

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