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Plsama Cleaner Asher

M2V03VT-C Plasma System and Supplies

VacTechniche range of Plasma Cleaner/Asher (desktop reaction chamber) unit can facilitate the removal of atomic contamination, removal of Oxides, and  Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic plasma treatment.

There are many differences between the nature of plasma, at 40 kHz, 400 KHz  Microwave and 13.56 MHz RF.
However, it may be possible to use all of these frequencies in some applications.

In general, at low frequencies, both electrons and ions are displaced in the plasma medium. Ions have a negative or positive electric charge, and the mass of ions is much higher than that of an electron.
  • At the low frequencies, there is ample opportunity to move both ions and electrons.
  • At the higher  frequency, the less opportunity the ions have to move.
  • Allowing the plasma density to increase at high frequencies.
  • Plasma densities are generally higher at RF frequencies than at Low Frequency (LF).
  • In addition, due to the acceleration of ions, which have a high mass, the phenomenon of sputtering of the sample and the surface of the product or the contamination caused by the chamber walls are higher in the LF frequency. resulting in the transfer of more heat load to the sample, due to  then LF the accelerated particles collide at a hight rate.
plasma cleaner

Low Frequency Plasma
Physical operations

High frequency is the best option for performing chemical interactions at the surface of a product or sample. Due to the electrons that produce ions and radicals, producing plasma.
In this case the Ions motility is small, they do not have a destructive effect and under these conditions, there are large numbers of ions and radicals on the surface of the product or sample that are ready to undergo chemical reactions.
In addition, with increasing frequency, other parameters such as internal bias also decrease.
As the frequency increases (towards the microwave), the plasma changes from a volumetric uniform plasma to a surface plasma (due to the penetration depth limitations).
And other differences…
Key areas:
  • One or two gas input options Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, forming gas for Hydrogen gas cracking.
  • Flow meter or Mass flow controller
  • Three Frequencies to select from. ( RF could be upgradable if planned at the build stage)
  • Heated sample upto 350 centigrade

More Details

The optional vapour delivery inlet can extend the use to liquid precursors and a
corrosion resistant work increases the application range to cover material treatments including;
  • Plasma cleaning
    • Plasma surface activation to improve adhesion
    • Functional plasma coatings
    • Plasma etching
    • PDMS & microfluidic devices
    • PEEK & other engineering polymers
    • PTFE
    • Metals
    • Ceramics
    • Glass & optical devices


System Parameters

Model M2V03VT- (System options)


















Chamber body 125mm Dia x 240mm

Pyrex chamber


Quartz chamber



Plasma Generator



400 KHZ plasma



RF 13.56MHz



Gas flow control

2 needle valves


Ar+O2                      (2 MFC) 200SCCM


Gas flow monitor






Control –

Keys –





and digital display


Graphical touch screen



Vacuum Gauge

Pirani corrosion resistive



Sample holder








Vacuum Pump

6 m3/hr 2 stage Rotary

not included


Oil mist filter

not included

  • M2V03 Specs:
    Value – options
    •  Size: diameter:125 mm, length: 240 mm.
    • Main body Material: Pyrex.
    • Sample holder: Aluminum
    Plasma generator
    •  RF Gen and Auto matching :13.56MHz
    •  Power: 0 to 2000w
    • 40Khz
    • 400KHz
    Input gas
    •  two input gas.
    •  MFC or needle valve gas control .
    Control and Monitor
    •  Graphical and touch control panel
    • Parameters: vacuum pressure, time,rotameter gas flow, plasma power, system components automatic and manual safe enable/disable.
    • Automatic process management.
    Plasma Generation
    • External capacitive electrodes.
    Vacuum pump
    •  2-stage Oil-sealed Rotary Vane Pump
    Vacuum gauge
    Corrosion resistant Pirani gauge
    •  Dimensions: 420*500*220 mm (W,L,H)
    •  Material: Aluminum.
    Main input power
    •  220v AC. 50 Hz – 60Hz

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