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Scanning Probe Microscope

AFM/STM modes in one System

Featuring an innovative ergonomic design and advanced electronics, our Scientific Microscope delivers atomic-scale resolution for the cost, the price is perhaps the most surprising feature and make this microscope even more attractive.
Our Educational model makes it an ideal choice for education as well as research, The NAMA-SPM offers educators an exceptional microscope for their students with this powerful SPM/AFM-STM techniques.


Atomic Force Microscope Features
  • Constant Force: constant Height option: Zero contact: Semi Contact:
Force Spectroscopy
  • LFM: Lateral Force: MFM: Magnetic Force: MFM: Magnetic Force: PDM: Phase Detection: FMM: Force Modulation
STM mode
Constant Height: Constant Current
Educational model
Scanning tunneling Microscope


Especially designed and manuctured for the Educationa areas of research, Robust, flexible and easy to understand. A great aid for the lecturer and learning facilitator to aid the exporation of the atomic world, with image of atoms, nanosctructures, Nano-morphology fo conductiong surfaces.
Scanning Probe Microscope